Products: Define your products including private/public/billing information, define your security profile

Editions: Define editions (Ex: Personal, Small Business, Enterprise) including static/line-item pricing rules

Promotions: Define promotion codes with static amount discounts, percentage discounts, round up for charity

Checkout: 3-page checkout process (product selection, apply promotions, enter billing information)—Sample

Charge: One time billing via PayPal (requires PayPal login) and Stripe (no additional login necessary)

Licensing: Enforce licensing rules server-side so that you can change, customize, and improve them over time

Integration: Use the HTTP/S integration API to provide a licensing experience integrated in your software

Languages: Java (< 500 KB), JavaScript (< 10KB)

Dongles: Harden a license with a Rockey2, Keylok, and the SmartDongle security dongles

Account tracking: An account is an installed instance of a specific product. Search and reports on your accounts

Health tracking: Collect health information for each account, including GeoLocation, Browser Stats, basic attributes such as disk and cpu, arbitrary data (if uploaded in structured form)

License tracking: Track licenses, report by promotion code or reseller

Dongle tracking: Track stand-alone or licensed-attached security dongles

Security: Access via HTTP and HTTPS

Encryption: All data is encrypted

Platform: hosted or premise